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If you work in the event planning industry, you understand the importance of RSVPs. They not only assist you in tailoring your events to the guests who have confirmed their participation, but they also guarantee that you do not waste any money on excess supplies. Fortunately, there are several WordPress RSVP plugins available. In this post, we’ve hand-picked some of the amazing WordPress RSVP Plugins that will make event planning a lot easier.

Why Should You Need a WordPress RSVP Plugin?

You can efficiently control your events as well as send bulk email invitations to your visitors by using this plugin. Managing responses and following up with guests who haven’t turned in their remarks, on the other hand, is a very different matter. Following up with RSVPs for hundreds of attendees takes too much time if you’re in charge of preparing a huge event like a wedding, conference, business seminar, fundraiser, or even a concert. Fortunately, you can use your website to automate the process.

You may set up a system where guests can confirm their plans to attend your event online at their leisure using the right RSVP plugin. You may be able to send automatic email reminders, allow participants to include notes, and even handle payments for paid events, depending on which one you use.

Top Helpful WordPress RSVP Plugins

Events Made Easy

Events Made Easy-WordPress RSVP Plugins

Events Made Easy provides a wide variety of choices for creating new events and fine-tuning RSVP capabilities. Moreover, this plugin has a plethora of choices for managing payments, configuring your calendar, creating email confirmation templates, and much more. Its adaptability may make it a great choice if you plan a variety of events for your business or non-profit throughout the year. If you’re searching for a simple to use WordPress RSVP plugin, this might not be the ideal option. Events Made Easy, on the other hand, is a great choice if you want as many setup possibilities as possible.

RSVP and Event Management Plugin

RSVP and Event Management Plugin-WordPress RSVP Plugins

RSVP and Event Management Plugin is a complete event management plugin that assists you in managing event participants. To make organizing simpler, this plugin allows you to organize your guests into families. It comes with a lot of choices for customizing the front-end, all of which are available from the WordPress admin area. You may also create RSVP forms that do not require a passcode, allowing anybody to interact with them. You can quickly import and export guests from the list, as well as send event-related email reminders. If you want additional features, you need to upgrade to the Pro version of this plugin.

Tockify Events Calendar

Tockify Events Calendar-WordPress RSVP Plugins

Tockify Events Calendar is a free WordPress RSVP plugin that both beginners and experts may use to their advantage. It’s simple to use, yet it has a lot of customization possibilities and benefits. By using a modern design, you may quickly capture everyone’s attention and pique their curiosity in the upcoming event. Of course, the event calendar’s style is completely adaptable and fluid, so it works flawlessly on all devices and web browsers. It’s also lightweight, so it won’t slow down your website’s performance.

You may also integrate Tockify with Google Calendar, provide social sharing options, and incorporate RSVP forms. Everyone can easily locate what they’re looking for thanks to excellent tag and text-based search.

Event Tickets

Event Tickets-WordPress RSVP Plugins

Event Tickets is a WordPress RSVP plugin that allows you to create event tickets and incorporate them in your articles or pages. This plugin allows visitors to purchase tickets or RSVP to your events in a straightforward manner. You must choose the dates for your activities and then have your visitors fill out the form. It enables the administrator to obtain RSVP data from the backend. You will not be able to add any new fields to the form with this plugin.

Event Management, Events Calendar, RSVP Event Tickets Plugin

Event Management, Events Calendar, RSVP Event Tickets Plugin-WordPress RSVP Plugins

Event Management, Events Calendar, RSVP Event Tickets Plugin is a wonderful WordPress RSVP plugin that is simple to set up and use. With this plugin, you may host a variety of events at numerous event venues under your own brand or identity. You may organize your pages by location, event, organizer, and attendee. Once a person has registered, an event ticket is provided. During check-ins, the participant can print the ticket and give it to the event staff. Workshops, trade exhibits, formal security conferences, incentive programs, golf outings, and other activities can be designed and advertised.

Registrations for The Events Calendar

Registrations for The Events Calendar

Registrations For The Events Calendar is a free add-on for the parent plugin that adds RSVP functionality. Visitors may use this tool to get a fast idea of how many people are going to attend an event and sign up by providing a few personal data. The plugin allows you to personalize your RSVP forms and sends an email confirmation to participants with all of the event’s important data. It allows you to build forms for any sort of event and browse your list of confirmed guests directly from your dashboard.



RSVP Maker is a scheduling and event planning plugin that makes it simple to advertise and register guests for any event. Its primary job is, of course, to register event attendees, which our plugin makes simple. Your visitors may also be permitted to register additional guests, such as plus ones. You may use the plugin in conjunction with MailChimp to send out newsletters or e-mail notifications to registered attendees.

In addition, RSVPMaker is a perfect plugin that allows you to easily arrange your registered visitors by roles and assign them a schedule and activities. The plugin also has a PayPal integration, allowing you to collect payments for tickets and bookings.

Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin

Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin

Simple Calendar makes it simple to add Google Calendar events to your WordPress site. You may invite up to 2,000 people to an event using Google Calendar’s advanced event management function. By using the Google Calendar on your website, you may utilize it to market an event. This calendar may be used for one-time or recurring events, such as birthdays, celebrations, and other special occasions.

Anyone can view the specifics of an event if it is made public. If you’re just inviting invited attendees to an event, you may do so by including their email addresses. Your visitors can RSVP via their Google Calendar app or by clicking on the RSVP buttons. Inside Google Calendar, you may see your guest list.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a system to assist you to deal with RSVPs is a fantastic idea, whether you’re arranging a single large event or you make a business organizing them all year. Instead of contacting each person or getting someone to do it for you, a WordPress RSVP plugin may save you a lot of time and money. Have any queries regarding RSVP plugins for WordPress or how to utilize them? Let’s discuss them in the discussion below!

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