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List of 9 Best WordPress Team Members Plugins In 2022

This article aims to provide the most popular and useful WordPress Team Member Plugin for WordPress users. Check it out!

Is WordPress Team Members Plugin necessary for your site? #

The answer would be yes. By using this plugin, you can build and present unlimited team member pages for your business. That means you are able to showcase and highlight your team members in your own way without any coding required. As a result, your customers can know who is the creators and then improve the trust and credibility of your business. So, let discover the List of 9 Should-try WordPress Team Members Plugins In 2021 immediately!

Top 9 Excellent WordPress Team Members Plugins #

WP Team #

WP Team

In the first place, we recommend WP Team for you to create and take over the team member presenting page or section on your WordPress sites. This theme brings countless options to support you to design and customize. It also has 3 unique layouts for your to present your team members and styling options to help you perfect your design. This tool also makes it simple for you to display other content that is related to images and text.

GS Plugins #

GS Plugins

GS Plugins is a helpful plugin to support you to generate your dedicated staff. You can display them with their name, photos, social links, and connections, etc to help your customers can reach what they need easily. Thanks to the support from shortcodes, it is so easy for you to display your team page in different places convenient for you. It also offers a wide range of views options for you to pick from such as grid, circle, drawer, and more.

Team Members #

Team Members

Team Members is suitable for you to insert the Team section to your admin panel without any coding or technological knowledge. On the ground of that, you can present your staff, team members, etc in your own way. Plus, you can add the photos, positions, social links, and other information of your team staff in your wish. It also comes with shortcodes.

Team #


The team will meet all of your needs for building the team members’ page. It is a 100% responsive and user-friendly plugin with various layout options for your showcase. In the light of that, your design will adapt to any device regardless of size or resolution. Some other highlights features of this theme are shortcodes support, customization options, etc.

Employee Spotlight #

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight is an ideal choice for you to present your staff, founder, and more in a professional and eye-catching layout. It provides multiple customization options for you to modify your design. And, Employee Spotlight also offers 5 ways for you to present your team profiles in your own styles.

Team Builder #

Team Builder

Team Builder is a simple to use and install WordPress Team Members plugin. It comes with a drag-drop builder. With this plugin, you can produce your own team members page in no time and without any restriction. On top of that, it is also possible for you to showcase the testimonials, images, and text on your site too.

Team Showcase #

Team Showcase

Team showcase allows you to show off your team members and workforce in your own style. With the assistance of shortcodes, it is possible for you to embed and display your team member page wherever on your sites. Last but not least, this plugin offers countless styling options and layout builders for you to customize the layouts and formats of your page in a short time.

Team Members with Slider #

Team Members with Slider

Team Members with Slider is a completely responsive and mobile-friendly plugin that permits you to present your team members in various layouts and formats. With multiple customization options, it is possible for you to make and modify your design to make it fit your existing themes. You are able to add team members’ information like names, descriptions, etc according to your own demand.

WordPress Team Manager #

WordPress Team Manager

WordPress Team Manager is compatible with shortcodes, so you can display your team members wherever on your site. In addition, you can set the suitable layout colors, photo sizes, and links or connections for your team members’ design to make it fit with your design in no time.

Summary #

In a nutshell, it is so difficult for us to say which WordPress Team Members Plugin is suitable for your site the most. However, we believe that this article can help you get an overview and generally analyze each plugin in order to choose the best one.

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