About Us

As you know, WordPress is a simple and flexible platform to build not only blogging websites but also with any website area. Root theme directory of WordPress is from WordPress.org, but it’s hard to find the right WordPress live demo, DOC and so on.

So, we know that, so we created this website in the middle of 2020, helping everyone find the right WordPress theme for their projects, look at a real demo site instead of a basic demo from WordPress theme directory.

Beside WordPress themes, you can find top WordPress plugins via Toplist blogs, good places to buy hosting/domain, and of course you can get coupon code in case you want to purchase Premium WordPress themes from themeforest or some popular WordPress authors.

We’re small team but with talent team members, if you’re looking for website development, data minding and content marketing, just contact us. Now just take a look for our team members.

TuVA (Aka Kelvin) – CEO & Founder


Hello everyone! My name is TuVA, somebody can call me @Kelvin. I have more than 10 years in Joomla! & WordPress development, more than 4 years in Digital Marketing, SEO specialist. I’m also CEO of some theme providers, one of trusted WordPress theme provider brand with more than 220,000 customers around the world), and some other brands. Also, I’m a dad of two little daughters after work, and beer hunter every weekend :). 

Tuyen.Tran – Content Writer (Blogger)

nha tuyen 

Hello everybody! My name is Tuyen, but you can call me @Janna. I’m very keen on foreign languages and something related to information technology. Besides, I am also interested in content writing and marketing. Everyday will be a happy day of me if I have a lot of chances to work and study about digital technology in general and Joomla! templates as well as WordPress themes in particular. Moreover, I am a little girl who wants to go to the coffee shop and chat with friends on weekends. 

Vy.Phan – Content Writer (Blogger)


 Hi guys, my name is Vy, someone often calls with a nickname @Jenny. I’m Content Marketer (Digital Marketing) for global theme brands. In fact, I am a very active person and always want to join in social activities.

If you’re active content writer or blogger and want to join our team to do something good, just contact us on today!