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Collection of 14 Amazing WordPress Optimize Images Plugins In 2022

Images may enhance your site’s user experience, elevate your brand, and give additional materials for advertising. Unnecessarily huge pictures, on the other hand, might slow down website load times, harming your SEO and frustrating your users. By optimizing your photographs, you may avoid these problems and make use of all the advantages that images have to offer. In this post, we’ll go through a list of Powerful WordPress Optimize Images Plugins for your site.

What are the benefits of the WordPress Optimize Images Plugin? #

The following are some of the most important advantages of optimizing your website’s images:

  • The following are some of the most important advantages of image optimization for your website
  • It aids in file size reduction
  • You may speed up the loading process by using the image optimizer plugin
  • It provides a more enjoyable experience for the user
  • Conversion rates are improved
  • It boosts your search engine rankings
  • Making backups will be a lot easier with the image optimizer plugin

Top Wonderful WordPress Optimize Images Plugins #

Smush #

Smush-WordPress Optimize Images Plugins

At first, Smush is the leading WordPress Optimize Images Plugin with more than five thousand downloads. This plugin is the best solution for you to optimize your images, compress, resize, lazy load, and speed up your Google Page Speed with no touching in your image’s visual quality. Besides, this plugin also helps you process and optimize all types of your images files from PNG to JPEG and GIF files. On top of that, you are free to optimize your photos without any request per day, month, and annual caps. Last but not least, Smush also comes with Gutenberg, allowing you to observe the statistics of Smush in any blocks of images.

Main Features:

  • Lossless Compression
  • Automated Optimization
  • Incorrect Size Image Detection
  • Directory Smush
  • More and more

EWWW Image Optimizer #

EWWW Image Optimizer-WordPress Optimize Images Plugins

Secondly, EWWW IO provides you with chances to use tools for your image optimizing in your own server. Thanks to the support from this plugin, you can optimize any available images from different plugins. Moreover, you also obtain chances to compress and resize your images, and so on automatically. That means this plugin makes it possible for you to automatically adjust the photos’ size to help fit the size of your pages or devices, etc. Plus, you have no limitation in terms of optimizing your files’ speed and size.

Main Features:

  • Pixel-perfect optimization
  • High Torque
  • Adaptive Steering
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • And much more

Imagify #

Imagify-WordPress Optimize Images Plugins

The third WordPress Optimize Images Plugin in this collection is Imagify. By using this plugin, it is so simple for you to make your images lighter with one click of the mouse. Furthermore, it also supports you to change the WebP as well as make your site load superbly fast without any drop in visual quality. Additionally, this plugin also permits you to use it directly from your WordPress sites for automatically optimized images upload, including thumbnails. And, this plugin also integrates with WooCommerce and Nextgen, helping you to extend the ability of your site efficiently.

Main Features:

  • No losing quality
  • Automatically optimize
  • Support all images files
  • Bulk Optimizer
  • And many more

ShortPixel #

ShortPixel Image Optimizer-WordPress Optimize Images Plugins

If you are looking for free but simple to use WordPress Optimize Images Plugins, ShortPixel is the best solution. This plugin supports you to make your images and PDF files optimized, so you can improve the SEO ranking of your websites and customers’ satisfaction significantly. On top of that, all of the new images will come with any slider, gallery, and even plugins after automatically resizing, rescaling, and optimizing. What’s more? By utilizing this lightweight plugin, you have a chance to optimize any images on your WordPress sites no matter they are available in the Media Library like NetGen or not.

Main Features:

  • Compress JPG and its variations
  • Convert any JPEG, PNG, or GIF
  • WP Retina 2x compatible
  • Bulk optimize
  • And so on

Optimole #

Image optimization Lazy Load by Optimole-WordPress Optimize Images Plugins

Optimole is an ideal choice for those looking for a great image optimizer tool. This plugin comes with various automatic and advanced features, helping users to lighten large images files and bloaty pages at ease. In addition, the Optimole also offers lazy loading with a CDN as well as absolutely sized images to satisfy your own need. By using this plugin, all of your image URLs will be replaced by cloud-based URLs so that they can automatically adjust to match different devices.

Main Features:

  • Cloud Library support
  • Image Optimization
  • Exact Used Size
  • Smart Cropping
  • And so on

Imsanity #

Imsanity-WordPress Optimize Images Plugins

Thanks to the support from this plugin, it is free for you to resize heavy images uploads in an automatical way. All tasks that you have to do for this process are just choosing the desired images size and quality, and then Imsanity will complete the process of image optimization automatically. In case the size of uploading images is larger than the configured one, this plugin will replace them by rescaling images fitting the configured size. Along with that, this WordPress Optimize Images also integrates with the bulk-resize, helping you resize the existing images in no time. Last but not least, this plugin also assists you to resize the individuals’ images as well via the Media Library (List View) support.

Main Features:

  • Automatically scales large image uploads
  • Bulk resize feature
  • Optionally converts BMP and PNG files
  • Uses WordPress built-in image scaling functions
  • And so on

Sirv #

Sirv-WordPress Optimize Images Plugins

Sirv is the most perfect images optimization and CDN plugin with the ability to automatically compress, resize, and WebP deliver. This plugin helps your images render in high-quality and resolution on any device smoothly. Plus, it also supports lazy load images in order to speed up your website at ease. Besides, with the assistance of automatic backups, this plugin will always protect your images from a wide range of threatens. Also, Sirv gives you chances to clear images meta for optimization easily. Sirv will be automatically optimized images for Media Gallery, Featured images, WooCommerce images, etc.

Main Features:

  • WooCommerce support
  • Small files
  • Fast WordPress CDN plugin
  • Lazy load
  • And so on

TinyJPG #

TinyJPG-WordPress Optimize Images Plugins

Next, this plugin is a great tool for you to speed up your website by PEG, PNG, and WebP images optimization. By using it, you can reduce much burden when optimizing new images because this process is totally automatic. In addition, TinyJPG and TinyPNG also assist you to optimize the existing individual images from your media library, improve your site speed with advanced background optimization, etc. On top of that, it also comes with an easy-to-use bilk optimization feature, compression of animated PNG, WPML, WooCommerce, and more.

Main Features:

  • JPEG encoding
  • Bulk optimization
  • API key
  • WP Retina 2x compatible
  • And more Image Optimizer # Image Optimizer-WordPress Optimize Images Plugins

Ranking ninth place, is one of the must-have WordPress Optimize Images Plugins that we want to mention. It lets you both optimize and resize not only new but also existing images uploads in your WordPress sites smoothly. Besides, this plugin also supports the lossless and intelligent lossy optimization modes. Several filetypes can work well with this plugin including JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Plus, thanks to the assistance of API Access, you are able to take full advantage of its libraries and modules

Main Features:

  • 100MB of free testing quota
  • API Access
  • Web Interface PRO
  • URL Paster
  • Page Cruncher
  • And more # Images Optimizer offers numerous images size conversions and supports up to 5 MB for JPG, PNG, and GIF files. Besides, this plugin also has a bulk operation that allows you to optimize any photos with only two mouse clicks. Also, there is no coding required for you to adjust the level of images optimation to make it your own demand. Last but not least, this WordPress Optimize Images Plugin also empowers you to eliminate several photographs from the optimizer.

Main Features:

  • Free optimize pictures up to 5MB
  • Bulk optimization
  • Clear pictures from the optimizer
  • Useful
  • And more

Robin image optimizer #

Robin image optimizer

The following WordPress Optimize Images that is noteworthy to consider is Robin image optimizer. This is a perfect option for those who want to cut down the weight of their images. The most outstanding highlight of this plugin is that it can maintain the quality of your images when reducing up to 80% of their size. Robin image optimizer assists you in uploads and optimizing your pictures without any limitation. And, with the support from Cron, this plugin will optimize your photos automatically.

Main Features:

  • 5 MB support
  • Automatic optimization
  • Manual mass-optimization
  • Image backup
  • Various compression modes (normal, regular, high)
  • And much more

WP Compress #

WP Compress

You can use WP Compress to automatically optimize your images size and develop your site loading times significantly. This plugin is useful for both individual websites and industry-leading companies. By using this WordPress Optimize Images Plugin, you enable to speed up your images without loss of their quality. This plugin is a wonderful combination of local and Live image optimization with features for you to compress your pictures thumbnails and a media library to create additional as well as net-generation image formats.

Main Features:

  • Live Image Optimization
  • Lossless, Intelligent & Ultra Compression Modes
  • Lazy Load Images
  • Adaptive Images
  • One-Click Bulk Optimization
  • And more

Optimus #


Optimus will automatically cut the weight of uploading media files at ease. It is likely for you to use this plugin to reduce the size of the images up to 70% with maintaining photos quality. This plugin consists of 3 different levels for you to pick up, including Optimus, Optimus HQ, and Optimus HQ Pro. Furthermore, this plugin doesn’t require any coding knowledge for the reduction of file size. And, it also comes with bulk optimization that helps you to optimize the existing images effectively.

Main Features:

  • Progressive JPEGs
  • Optimization of all preview images
  • Faster load times
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • And so on

Image Optimizer by 10web #

Image Optimizer by 10web

The final WordPress Optimize Images in this collection is Image Optimizer by 10web. This plugin is used to compress, optimize, and resize plenty of media files such as PNG, GIF, and PDF. This plugin also offers Lossless Compression and the Lossless Compression, letting you compress images and resize images with a minimum loss of quality respectively. Plus, it also assists you to optimize the new upload and existing images. This WordPress Optimize Images Plugin also comes with a bulk optimization that supports you to make photos optimization with one click.

Main Features:

  • Optimize PDF files
  • Schedule optimization
  • Optimize up to 50,000 images every month
  • Maximum lossy/Extreme compression
  • And much more

Conclusion #

When it comes to WordPress Optimize Images Plugins, you have a lot of options. The majority of products offer automated picture optimization, however, this sometimes comes with a few drawbacks. There’s usually a limit to how many photos you can optimize or the maximum file size you can compress with free plugins.

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