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Showing visitors relevant content is a terrific way to keep people visiting your WordPress site. Instead of letting readers go after finishing one of your pieces, you may present them with more relevant information to keep them reading. To do so, you’ll need a WordPress Related Post Plugin, which we’ve gathered below for you. Today, we’ll show you 10 amazing plugins that look beautiful, are easy to customize, and won’t slow down your site.

Firstly, you may encourage your visitors to explore more of your website by utilizing a related post plugin. It allows you to retain your visitors on your site for extended periods of time. In addition, this also demonstrates to Google that you provide useful information to your readers. This will assist you to enhance your SEO and increase your search ranks.

Moreover, users are more likely to return to your website after learning that you provide useful material. This implies that more people will visit your website. Most importantly, your viewers will discover more material on your site that will assist them in achieving their objectives or resolving their issues.

Top Wonderful WordPress Related Post Plugin

Custom Related Posts-WordPress Related Post Plugin

Custom Related Posts is a Free Related Posts Plugin that is simple to use. While other platforms automate the process of locating and adding relevant content, CRP needs you to manually add it to your articles, pages, or custom post types. This is especially useful for smaller or newer sites with limited content and a need for tighter control over related connections. You may use a widget, block, or even a shortcode to display related posts because this plugin is compatible with both the Classic Editor and the Gutenberg Block Editor.

YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin-WordPress Related Post Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is a WordPress plugin that displays pages, posts, and custom post kinds that are related to the current topic. This links your viewers to more useful stuff on your website. These posts can be added as thumbnails or in a list view style. You may also use custom display settings to present your linked article feed in RSS feeds.

This plugin displays similar material from your website using post titles, content, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies. With the templating feature, you can control how your results appear on your website.

Contextual Related Posts-WordPress Related Post Plugin

Contextual Related Posts is a free connected post plugin that allows you to display a list of posts that are related to one another on your website. The posts it shows are determined by their title and/or content. This makes them more relevant and likely to pique your readers’ attention. The material will be displayed automatically by the plugin. You can include similar posts in your widget area and omit certain articles and pages if desired. You may also choose to show snippets in a post and the length of the excerpt.

Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress-WordPress Related Post Plugin

Do you want to include graphic postings in your content? It’s simple using the Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin! This plugin allows you to change your display settings, as well as configure your connected posts and thumbnail size (thumbnail image source, background color, border, text sizing, excerpt length, and more). Moreover, 7 ready-to-use languages, a simple related posts shortcode you can use to add posts anywhere. There are also PHP tags built-in for theme developers to use when integrating the plugin.


Shareaholic-WordPress Related Post Plugin

The next plugin we want to recommend for your site is Shareaholic. It’s a collection of fantastic tools like related posts, share buttons, social analytics, and more. Shareaholic also has a monetization function that allows you to generate money with your material by using affiliate links. You can quickly keep on top of related content recommendations, social sharing, your following, sponsored content, and so much more with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Related Posts for WordPress-WordPress Related Post Plugin

Related Posts for WordPress is a lightweight and lean related posts plugin that allows you to lead visitors to similar topics with a single click. It has an installation process that does all the heavy lifting for you, so all you have to do is activate the plugin and relax. Without breaking a sweat, you’ll have a related post widget live beneath your posts in no time. It includes manual additions, updates, and removes, as well as shortcodes and widgets. This plugin is also available in a premium version with much more features.

Inline Related Posts-WordPress Related Post Plugin

Inline Related Posts completely change the way your related articles are displayed. You may now display similar posts within your content instead of at the conclusion of your article to increase user engagement tenfold. You may automatically show several boxes in your posts and configure them with up to 20 different designs. Big brands like the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Financial Times, among others, employ this technology.

Similar Posts – Best Related Posts Plugin for WordPress

Similar Posts Plugin provides you more control over your page’s links and how they’re pulled. It may be set up to function with keywords in the content/headline or post categories and tags. You get to decide how much weight each of those criteria gets. Before extracting links, decide how the links should appear, which posts should be omitted, and which relevant variables should be taken into account. It’s worth noting that this will take a little more effort to get everything up and running. However, it also gives you a lot more control over the layout of linked posts.

CP Related Posts

CP Related Posts Plugin utilizes an algorithm that determines how closely linked information is based on the article, title, and tags associated with the piece. With this plugin, you also have the option of manually setting similar posts for each blog post to increase traffic to that content. You may manually assign connections to articles and give each sort of link the highest amount of relevance.

List category posts

List category posts

List Category Posts is a fantastic WordPress plugin that allows you to list WordPress posts on a page or by category in a grid/list format. It also supports custom posts, ajax load more pagination, next-previous links, and numeric pages. It comes with completely adjustable and responsive themes, as well as the ability to hide or reveal specific types of content. This plugin allows you to use as many shortcodes and widgets as you like. Shortcodes for category-based display posts, blogs, products, and custom post-type content may be created.


All of the plugins on this list may help you create a fully working related content area for your website. Besides, they all have somewhat distinct looks and functions, so take your time and choose your favorite. Don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it beneficial. Leave a comment below if you have any queries. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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