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Let’s make the task of managing private content become easier and easier by using WordPress Client Portal Plugin. Here’s the Collection of 6 Must-have WordPress Client Portal Plugins In 2021 for you to explore!

Do you need to install WordPress Client Portal Plugin for your site?

There are several reasons why you should install WordPress Client Portal Plugin for your site. Firstly, it will help you to manage the private and set the proper accessibility for each customer. Along with that, you enable to share sensitive information with your clients in a protected way. And, this plugin also makes it simple for you to gather the customer’s account in the same place, serve for your marketing plans, projects, and so on in the near future.

Top 6 Worthy WordPress Client Portal Plugin

Client Power Tools

Client Power Tools

Initially, let’s start with Client Power Tools. This is a wonderful WordPress Client Portal Plugin for you to set up. By using it, you can take over all of its powerful features to make an eye-catching and elegant dashboard for your customers with just a few clicks of the mouse. This is because this plugin comes with the great Client Power Tools, helping you to create a specific dashboard for each customer without any coding requirement. So, your clients obtain a chance to manage their projects, information, etc at ease.

Client Portal

Client Power Tools

Secondly, this plugin is the perfect solution for you to build private pages for specific subjects. As a result, only the page owners can access and see the page content, assisting you to protect sensible and important information significantly. Plus, this plugin also lets your clients visit their private pages directly from your WordPress sites without any request in filling any forms. Another highlighted feature of this plugin is its compatibility with shortcodes.

WP Customer Area

Client Power Tools

The third WordPress Client Portal Plugin in this collection is WP Customer Area. This plugin permits you to control your particular content and give them to your customers smoothly. You can share content in various forms such as files, pages, and more without any difficulty. Last but not least, you also take full control of allowing content accessibility for your clients.

Ultimate Private Member Portal Lite

Client Power Tools

Ultimate Private Member Portal Lite will satisfy all of your strict demands for showcasing private information. Thanks to the support of this plugin, you are free to add your specific content to the backend and display them in the frontend with some restrictions for different subjects. Last but not least, this plugin is compatible with shortcode, so you can show off your content in your own way.

Client Dash

Client Power Tools

The following WordPress Client Portal Plugin that is valuable to discuss is Client Dash. This is a simple plugin with various options and elements for you to manage content. You are likely to customize anything of the dashboard of you and your customers to make it suitable and more beautiful. With the Customize Admin Tool and the live preview assistance, you are able to not only edit but also see your changes in no time. And, this plugin also allows you to put different levels of the content showcase for your customers.

SuiteDash Direct Login

Client Power Tools

Lastly, SuiteDash is an extremely useful plugin for those involved in SuiteDash. It is due to the fact that this plugin lets your clients redirect to your SuiteDash without visiting the SuiteDash login page. So, they can save time for login in or filling in the registration forms. Last but not least, this plugin also makes it easy for you to use both plugins, SuiteDash customers and Custom Domains, in your URLs.


We have introduced the collection of 6 Must-have WordPress Client Portal Plugins In 2021 in the hope that you can consider the best suitable one for installation.

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