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Are you having trouble deciding which WordPress directory plugin is suitable for your company? Clients may use the Business Directory to identify service providers in a certain specialty or category. Simultaneously, it enables these businesses to discover consumers and prospects. You may also generate money online as a website owner by promoting sponsored listings in your company directory. Today, we will provide a list of the awesome WordPress Business Directory Plugins for your site.

What are the features of using the WordPress Business Directory Plugin?

You may use business directory plugins to develop a service that lists suggested companies and professionals along with their locations and reviews. They may also be used to make team directories or other types of listings that can be shared or kept private. They could even turn into a source of revenue! To add your listings, good business directory plugins will feature clear, easy-to-use interfaces. They will frequently provide choices to include a map to locate companies or professions, as well as the ability to get comments from your readers.

A front-end option for users to contribute their own company listings, badges to distinguish exceptional listings, and customization possibilities are all possible features. The majority of these features are usually included in the free plugins included in this review, although they may need additional purchases.

Top Wonderful WordPress Business Directory Plugins

Classified Listing

Classified Listing-WordPress Business Directory Plugins

Classified Listing is a fantastic business directory WordPress plugin with a ton of features that make creating classified listing websites a breeze. This plugin includes a number of backend options. That allows site administrators and frontend users to easily create, update, and delete posts. You can set listings to expire after a certain number of days, at which point they must be renewed. With the controls it provides, Classified Listing asserts its claim as one of the top directory WordPress plugins.

The listing view and detailed view are two fields that you may customize using Classified Listing. Allow your users to report abuse so that you can keep an eye on your site and keep it looking professional. You may choose the currency that your site will use based on where you are and who your customers are.

Business Directory Plugin – Directories for WordPress

Business Directory Plugin – WordPress Business Directory Plugins

The Business Directory Plugin is a wonderful solution if you want to arrange your WordPress material and make it searchable by users. It assists you with the creation of local listing websites, directory listing websites, company provider listing websites, and more. The plugin supports both free and paid listings and accepts payments via Stripe and PayFast Gateway, as well as recurring payments. Multiple pricing plans can be offered, each of which can be allocated to a different category for publishing.

Furthermore, this plugin lets you add completely customized form fields and includes a reCAPTCHA option to reduce spam registrations. A fast search, as well as an advanced search with the ability to reveal or conceal fields, are available. The plugin is responsive, SEO-friendly, WPML-compatible, and easily interacts with major navigation plugins.

GeoDirectory – Business Directory Plugin

GeoDirectory – WordPress Business Directory Plugins

GeoDirectory, as the name implies, uses geographic location to create an online directory website similar to Yelp, TripAdvisor, and YellowPages. The original plugin is free, however, the premium extensions significantly expand the plugin’s capabilities. Moreover, GeoDirectory comes with a powerful collection of tools. That allows you to create millions of listings and customize them to your liking. Users may register, log in, and submit items and reviews using an easy-to-use frontend interface. They may look for listings using zip codes or street addresses, and the results are sorted by proximity.

In addition, the plugin is multisite compliant and completely responsive. The premium extensions assist you in monetizing your site by allowing you to sell listings. These extensions also allow you to list events, establish multi-location directories, and integrate payment gateways, among other things.

Directorist – Business Directory Plugin

Directorist – WordPress Business Directory Plugins

Directorist is a one-of-a-kind WordPress directory plugin for a variety of company needs. It will be sheer fun putting together the must-have platform with Directorist, thanks to the various wonderful and useful features. Keep in mind that you may anticipate new features and excellent changes as a result of regular updates, which you can use to your advantage. Your platform will easily withstand the test of time, looking fresh and current at all times.

Featured listings, monetization, a striking design, email notifications, a responsive layout, and an infinite number of custom fields are just a few of the features that will help to build excitement. While the concept of creating a directory may be unfamiliar to you, once you start using Directorist, everything will become lot apparent. In other words, Directorist ensures that it is applicable to both novices and experts.

Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory-WordPress Business Directory Plugins

Connections Business Directory is a fantastic WordPress business directory plugin. This plugin can handle simple jobs like an address book or staff directory, as well as full-fledged company or links directories. While the core plugin comes with a lot of functionality, you may add any new function you like with the numerous commercial extensions available. The directory may be shown in the frontend by using a simple shortcode on a WordPress page. It allows you to customize each item with responsive logos and graphics.

Besides, Connections Business Directory is SEO friendly and compatible with most common WordPress themes. There are a variety of free and commercial add-ons available to expand the plugin’s capabilities.

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro-WordPress Business Directory Plugins

There are no limitations on what sort of directory website you may create with the Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro plugin. The list continues on and on, from autos to real estate to vacation to restaurants, review sites, and yellow pages. Additionally, this plugin allows you complete control over how you organize your listings across an infinite number of categories and subcategories. It also has no limits when it comes to the number of fields you may incorporate. This plugin is a WordPress directory plugin that is both strong and flexible.

In addition, Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro also includes options for locations and regions, a search widget, and a completely adjustable layout. The gem also has a variety of income possibilities, payment methods, and email alerts. All you need to do now is download and activate the plugin to get started with your directory platform.

LDD Directory Lite

LDD Directory Lite

Once you’ve installed and activated LDD Directory Lite, you’ll be able to create a directory fast and easily. This is a simple WordPress plugin that costs nothing but will get the job done when you’re building your own directory website. LDD Directory Lite is suitable for both novices and professionals, thus no technical experience is required. With a few simple settings, you can begin making use of all the features that LDD Directory Lite has to offer.

In addition, you may now create a variety of local company directories with LDD Directory Lite, as well as provide groups and agencies the opportunity to contribute their entries. You may add the directory to any page you want with the easy insertion of a shortcode and watch it appear right away.

Name Directory

Name Directory

Name Directory is a stunning WordPress directory plugin for creating one-of-a-kind glossaries and index pages. The plugin will display on the left sidebar of your WordPress installation after it has been installed and activated. From there, you may access all of the features and functionalities available to users of this product. You may use Name Directory to construct numerous separate directories/glossaries that will add unique fresh material to your website.

Many various modification options for fine-tuning the layout and general operation may be found in the settings area. You may turn on the search feature, change the number of columns, have the directory start with a specific letter, and even translate it. Name Directory is one of the greatest options you can get your hands on if you’re looking for a glossary/index type directory.

Simple Business Directory with Google Maps

Simple Business Directory with Google Maps

Simple Business Directory with Google Maps is a one-of-a-kind WordPress plugin that uses Google Maps technology to create a multi-purpose listing directory. Automatic title, description, thumbnail, latitude, and longitude creation are all supported by the Simple Business Directory. All you have to do is paste the URL and address of your website, and the Business Directory plugin will handle the rest! This is without a doubt the most powerful and adaptable WordPress directory plugin available!

In addition, you can make multiple lists business listing and display them on a single page or multiple pages. This easy way makes the plugin incredibly adaptable, allowing you to construct tiny or medium-sized directories for any purpose, ranging from 50 to 5000 listings of any sort in single and multi-page formats.

AWP Classifieds

AWP Classifieds

AWP Classifieds is a free WordPress business directory plugin that allows you to add classified ads sections to your WordPress website. Users can search your classified directory using AQP Classifieds by country, state, city, keyword, or username. With configurable ad placement, you can also allow AdSense ads to appear within your directory. You gain control over all HTML use in your ads with this directory WordPress plugin.

In addition, you have complete control over your site and its elements with AWP Classifieds. You and your users can set a maximum text size for ad posts. You can make your job a lot easier by allowing free and paid ads to expire automatically. AWP Classifieds also make it easy to disable and enable standard form fields like country, website, name, and title.

WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is a perfect choice for your site. The free core module provided by WP Job Manager should easily adapt to your demands if you’re adding a job board to your WordPress website for the first time, or if you’re not looking for a plugin with sophisticated functionality. Premium add-ons can be purchased to supplement the free core module if you want more capabilities. WP Job Manager is a shortcode-based plugin that works with any theme and is very easy to set up. You may post jobs with business information, expiration dates, and other details. It’s also feasible to create a front-end job submission form where companies may post jobs and preview them before they go public. Alternatively, logged-in users can manage their own job postings using the employer dashboard.



HivePress is another very extendable and adaptable tool that makes the list of the best WordPress plugins for directories. The directory listing plugin is ideal for beautifully listing properties to attract any type of customer. HivePress offers search boxes for relevant keywords and places that you can add anywhere on your pages to make it simpler for your visitors to discover certain listings. This plugin allows you to categorize your listings to make it simpler for people to find the ones they’re looking for.

In addition, You can also build blog categories and link to them anywhere on your sites with these plugins to attract users. HivePress provides fantastic social integration, allowing you to share your listings with a larger audience on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



You should also get your hands on uListing if you want to save money, time, and energy. This fantastic WordPress business directory plugin makes it simple to set up a company listing and classified advertisements website. In terms of the theme you’re using to make it happen, uListing is compatible with both free and paid tools. uListing is simple to install, activate, and set up, making it excellent for both novices and pros.

In addition, uListing allows for complete customization. You may quickly design inventory grids and lists using the drag and drop builder. To that end, you don’t need to know how to code to make changes and enhancements. uListing also has tidy sorting options, PayPal and Stripe payments, a configurable quick-search tool, and a frontend listing submission functionality.



Listdom is a sophisticated directory listing plugin, a free tool for developing directory, listings, and classified sites using modern and simple technologies. You get a staggering 80 distinct skins and views with this directory listing WordPress plugin. All of these pieces are mobile-friendly and responsive. It’s as simple to use as WordPress, and it follows all of the content management system’s rules. Listdom enables you to build a website that works with all themes and addons.

Moreover, this WordPress business directory plugin includes a simple link for contacting the listing owner as well as another for social sharing. When your listing customers are interested in a given category but want a specified price range, the sophisticated pricing module comes in useful.

Final Words

Developing a directory from scratch is both costly and time-consuming. This is where WordPress Directory plugins can prove to be handy and enable anyone to start with their own directory listing website. As always, if your favorite plugin is not on this list, let us know about it in the Comments section.

Besides, you can access Free Business WordPress Themes to have a more attractive design for your websites.