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Allowing your visitors and website members to create their own avatars is an exciting way to let them appreciate the things your site has to offer. You can make fantastic avatars using the finest free WordPress avatar plugins. Today, we’ve listed the Amazing Avatar Plugin for your WordPress blog or website, and you can pick and choose which one best meets your requirements and tastes. You may benefit from our thorough list by selecting the best avatar plugin for your website.

Why should you choose the WordPress Avatar Plugin?

You may set any image in your media library as the default symbol using this plugin. It will also add a basic picture uploader to your users’ profile pages, allowing logged-in users to customize their avatar photos. Bloggers who contribute to your site can choose their own avatars for their postings. You may boost your site speed even further by combining this with a content delivery network, or CDN.

Top Wonderful WordPress Avatar Plugin

Author Avatars List/Block

Author Avatars List/Block - WordPress Avatar Plugin

The Authors Avatars List allows you to view avatars in a list format. They may be organized by roles or by users, making them ideal for multi-user sites. The plugin can also be used on a single-user website. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to utilize any of the author avatars in your posts or pages. Authors Avatars List, like WP User Avatar, uses shortcodes to place the avatar on the pages. Other important features include a custom tile with a widget-based avatar, privacy settings to show or conceal from specific groups or individuals, and the ability to add a biography or user’s name, among others.

User Registration, Login Form, User Profile & Membership – ProfilePress (Formerly WP User Avatar)

User Registration, Login Form, User Profile & Membership – ProfilePress (Formerly WP User Avatar) - WordPress Avatar Plugin

User Registration, Login Form, User Profile & Membership – ProfilePress is a free plugin that allows you to utilize unique avatars uploaded via Gravatar or from your media library. This provides you the option of using a Gravatar or a custom image. If necessary, you may also turn off Gravatar. It works with the ‘avatar upload’ shortcode and may thus be used in various portions of the website, such as the widget or sidebar. It’s also possible to add it in posts. You may also limit the size of avatar files that other subscribers and contributors can submit.

Avatar Manager

Avatar Manager - WordPress Avatar Plugin

Avatar Manager is an excellent plugin for all things avatar. It provides the option of using a Gravatar or a custom avatar created locally. It streamlines your process and allows you to utilize an avatar with individual rights for each user. The project is user-driven and has already demonstrated great potential. You may also set the user’s permissions for uploading an avatar, as well as the size of the avatar.

WP User Avatars

WP User Avatars - WordPress Avatar Plugin

WP User Avatar is a simple plugin that allows per-user custom photo uploads and manages how avatars are handled on the site. Users have come to expect a reliable plugin that just did one thing well. In addition, this plugin is a little plugin that allows you to simply alter your default avatar. To set up, simply browse to the avatar area and select a custom avatar. It is compatible with the most recent WordPress version.

WP Custom Avatar

WP Custom Avatar - WordPress Avatar Plugin

WP Custom Avatar is a simple plugin that allows users to alter their WordPress website’s default avatar. It’s not difficult to use the plugin. Simply download and install the plugin from the repository, then configure it by navigating to the admin menu and selecting Appearance > Customize from the drop-down menu. Users can then post their custom Avatar image in the WP Custom Avatar section once they’re finished. Users must go to the Settings > Discussion menu > Avatars section and click on the desired image.

Disable User Gravatar

Disable User Gravatar - WordPress Avatar Plugin

Disable User Gravatar is a one-of-a-kind plugin that allows you to turn off user Gravatars on your site. If you use a website builder that doesn’t support Gravatar right away, you’ll need to utilize this plugin to make sure it works properly. It also allows you to keep your Gravatar image hidden during awkward situations. In addition, this plugin makes your profile more impressive and professional.

Simple User Avatar

Simple User Avatar - WordPress Avatar Plugin

Simple User Avatar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add unique avatars to users in a simple manner. This plugin will help you overcome the problem of WordPress only supporting Gravatar and not allowing users to upload/use their own photos as avatars. Moreover, this plugin is the user avatar for you if you’re searching for something simple and minimalistic. You may utilize an avatar from the media library with this plugin, and you won’t require any additional features.

WP First Letter Avatar

WP First Letter Avatar

WP First Letter Avatar is for you if you want to use the first letter of your name as an avatar. It may be used without Gravatar and can also be set up to operate with custom avatars if necessary. As a user, you can choose any size and color for your avatar. You must first establish a new directory before you can create a new avatar set. The plugin is ideal for sites with a lot of colors. Furthermore, the plugin uses TinyPNG to compress the avatar produced.

Letter Avatars

Letter Avatars

Letters Avatar is similar to the WP First Letter Avatar we described earlier. It will operate without Gravatar, much like other avatar plugins. The plugin allows you to modify your avatar in any manner you want. You may choose the letter type, colors, and font size. Not only can you change the background color of your avatar, but you can also make it appear as trendy as possible. The plugin is small and easy to use, and it also works with BuddyPress.

BuddyPress First Letter Avatar

BuddyPress First Letter Avatar

BuddyPress First Letter Avatar is the last plugin that you should consider for your site. This plugin allows you to customize your BuddyPress avatar easily. It works without Gravatar and allows you to customize your avatar. It allows you to build an avatar using the initial letter, as you would have guessed from the name. Everything can be customized, including font, size, and color.

Final Thoughts

We’ve compiled a list of the Impressive WordPress Avatar Plugins for 2021. All of the plugins are free to use and provide you with basic control over your website’s avatar settings. So, what are your thoughts on the plugins listed above? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. Also, check out Free WordPress Themes for more collections on WordPress websites and blogs.